Aldo Polettini

Scientific Director
Investigative Free Thinker

Aldo is a University Professor (H index,24) and has worked in a number of organizations including NIDA/NIH (Baltimore, MD) Kuwait University, IMIM Barcelona, National Institute of Public Health (Bilthoven, Holland), Pavia and Verona Universities. He worked as an expert for the European Union, UNODC, MCDDA and The Ministry of Health, Italy. He is an expert on substance abuse, bio-analyses and forensic toxicology. He is a consultant for SynLAB, one of the major private medicine laboratory groups in Europe. Aldo is an impassioned enthusiast of the potential to be found in innovative technology via mobile and internet both in the Healthcare and other sectors.

With an excellent reputation in innovative medical pre-analyses, Copan Italy is a world leader in the collection and transport of samples. Innovative pre-analyses by Copan include patents such as Flocked Swabs, Eswab(TM) and UTM(TM) Viral Transport which have greatly improved the quality of microbiological through the use of fluid-dynamics.

Gianfausto Ferrari

CEO & Instigator for Innovative Talent
Philosopher and Artist

Long-standing entrepreneur, over the past 30 years Gianfausto has set up and sold a number of companies in various sectors. Since 1994 he has worked on innovation projects. He has been CEO and President of many companies in Northern Italy and in 2009 he co-founded Superpartes Innovation Campus to promote innovation start-ups within Italy. In 2010 he also co-founded Talent Garden – TAG – a new co-working net-space.

Marino Piotti

LAB Campus Director
Tech mogul and entrepreneur

Marino was co-founder of Onion S.p.A which he sold in 2009. He then created Superpartes Innovation Campus. This has created the opportunity for the experimentation and innovation of projects in the Mobile Internet area and successfully reduces the difference between the needs of the entrepreneur and the global potential of Internet.

Teze Mechatronics

Teze Mechatronics was founded in 2012 within a modern industrial arena of Cazzago San Martino (Brescia). It is an “incubator” which stimulates and supports young companies in the area of electromechanics, alternative energy and bio-mechanics. It helps develop Italian talent , enables the
set-up of companies in suitable work space, supplies specialist support and creates contacts with principal industrial and academic partners.