Compliance Monitoring

A Patient’s compliance to a drug-therapy or to a change in diet and lifestyle (e.g. risk factors such as alcohol, smoke etc.) is the prime reason for therapy success.
Unfortunately, this is often neglected but it is so important that WHO(World Health Organization) has declared that “an improvement in compliance would have a greater impact on public health than the development of new kinds of treatment”.

The factors that lead to improvement in compliance are: the patient’s involvement in defining the method, objectives and management of the treatment with doctors still having an active role even after the prescription. Essentially, a joint effort by doctor and patient, so much so that nowadays people prefer to talk about “adherence” (which implies more doctor involvement) instead of compliance. Compliance monitoring based on mobile and web technologies allows for an optimal doctor-patient synergy, without tapping into the workload and autonomy of either party. It enables efficient control of adherence and clinical parameters, with more accurate monitoring of the patient and a quicker adjustment of the therapy based on the patient’s varying conditions. Furthermore, the patient has greater peace of mind – instead of facing illness alone there is the constant support of a doctor and healthcare staff (e.g. dietician, lab analysts, pharmacist etc.).

CheckApp proposes Takes2Care, a Mobile platform for the monitoring of drug-therapy and compliance. This solution can transfer information (via data files/audio/video) on individual patients while offering privacy and security. It supplies the individual patient’s compliance to drug-therapy, monitoring of vital functions, data survey, automatic interpretation based on doctor criteria etc.

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