Home Monitoring

shutterstock_73623538The discrepancy between longer life but deterioration of its quality in the elderly, is one of the most serious issues that developed countries face.

The standard solutions – living with relatives, home-care and retirement homes – are often unsatisfactory from the point of view of autonomy, quality of life, practicality and cost.

In theory, remote distress calling devices offer the twofold advantage of allowing the elderly sufficient independence and peace of mind to the relative. However, in reality, they fail whenever the patient is not able to carry out the distress call (e.g. loss of consciousness, fall/injury away from the device, device not to hand etc.)

The possibility of automatically and constantly monitoring the vital functions of a person inside their own home – without the additional need for portable and/or invasive devices – is the simple, reliable, effective and economic solution that current mobile & web based technologies can offer. The system developed by CheckApp is based on the positioning of sensor kits in main areas (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room) and of an internet-gateway that functions as a data collector and sends information to a remote server. The system, after an initial up-date, registers any anomalies or  significant deviations from the usual vital functions of the patient and generates an alert signal or an audio-video call to one or more phone numbers.