• Healthcare solutions based on Mobile and Web Technologies

    CheckApp offers high competence in different Healthcare sectors (Pharmacology, Toxicology, Cardiology, Lab Medicine, Forensic Medicine etc.) through long-standing and in depth development of web and mobile technologies.

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Rimo is a web platform with a control unit of sensors, capable of automatically and continuously monitoring the vital functions of a person inside their own home or health structure - without the need to wear any devices.

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Takes2Care is a Cloud-Mobile based platform that optimizes pharmacological compliance thanks to innovative communication between care provider and patient.

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IWellCOM is a device worn with minimum impediment and managed totally by smartphone. It is capable of performing a screening checkup or remote patient monitoring.

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Smart Dispenser

Smart Dispenser is a smartphone programmable device which can dispense regular single doses of a drug- therapy on fixed hours and days. The single dispensers open up when receiving a specific signal from the smartphone.

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  • CheckApp and SICOA: Medicine and Technology work together for the Patient

    To guarantee each patient the correct attention and care necessary during every moment of therapy. This is Takes2Cares objective, the web and mobile solution CheckApp brand is now being launched on the market.


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